Quality Policy

We are committed to comply with all requirements of our customers, in terms of Product Quality & Timely completion, including regulatory & statutory requirements.

We are also committed for continual improvements of our Production process & our Quality Management System as a whole, aiming at customer satisfaction as well as benefit of the organization by:-

Monitoring/Changing of Production Process for Cost saving & increased production

Monitoring Customer’s perception for improvement opportunities in all possible areas.

Health And Safety Policy

  • Designing & developing processes & plans which, as far as reasonably practicable & encompassing all available knowledge & information.

    Are safe.
    Free from risk to health.
  • Operating & maintaining plans within designated safety criteria throughout their working life
  • Controlling hazardous process through documented procedures.
  • Maintaining a high degree of physical, mental & social well being of employees .
  • Offering only such products which are safe in use.

Environmental Policy

  • Ensure consideration of all environmental aspects in manufacturing & others related areas to minimise the adverse impact of our activities. Products or services & communicate with interested parties as & when necessary
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through waste minimization. Conservation of energy & efficient utilization resources.
  • Comply with applicable national environmental standards/statutory requirement.
  • Train concerned personal at all levels to mitigate environmental impacts.